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•  Product introduction

•120V-240V 50/60Hz  1350W
•Unit siza: 330×440×380㎜
•Function switch:keep warm-defrost-boril-bake
•Selection switch:rotisserie(option)
•Timer switch:60 minutes
•Temperature switch:65°C to 185°C
•Power on light
•Haloid heating element with instant heat
•Energy saving-20% more effeciency than normal oven
•Transparent cover for easy visual cooking
•Patented construotion design
•Mirco switch to ensure the lid cover works in right position
•Cool touch outer pot cabinet
•Non-stick aluminium inner pot

Model No:KMC-330
Multi cooker with 2 in function
with grill pan
with the function of cooking,stewing and hot pot
non stick or S/S inner pot

-220-240V 50/60Hz 800W
-3L capacity
-With the function of cooking, stewing and hot pot
-Variable temperature control
-With stainless steel inner pot
-With non-stick frying pan
-Cool touch for handle and base
-Come with tempered glass lid
-CB/CE/GS/ROHS standard

Packaging Detail:
giftbox per unit,6pcs per carton


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